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What's it all about?

We are required to review our representation arrangements once every six years, and the last time we did this review was in 2018.

Representation reviews give the community an opportunity to consider if the existing representation arrangements are efficient and effective. This means looking at the number of councillors and how they are elected, the existence of wards (and their boundaries), community boards, and Māori wards.

We are required to develop an Initial (draft) Proposal which sets out our preference for representation arrangements. You can find a summary of our initial proposal below, and full details including rationale, in our consultation document.

Summary of our Initial Proposal

So what's actually changing?

1. Ashburton Ward Boundary (Trevors Road area)

There has been growth and development around this area. We are proposing to include this area in the Ashburton Ward, because we believe residents in this area have a stronger community of interest with the Ashburton Ward than the Eastern Ward, and therefore should be voting for Ashburton Ward representation. The properties in this area are receiving similar services and being rated in a similar way to properties in the Ashburton Ward.

2. Methven Community Board Boundary

The boundary for the Methven Community Board is proposed to be extended to include properties on the periphery of the current Methven Community Board Boundary. These properties are considered to be part of the Board’s community of interest and receive a benefit from the Community Board. Therefore, electors within the area should have the right to be represented by the Board and vote for their membership.

3. Methven Community Board Membership

We propose to reduce the total number of Methven Community Board members from seven to six. The two Western Ward Councillors will be appointed to the board, but only four members will be elected instead of five. This is because a total membership of six (including two appointed members) is considered to be fair and effective representation for a community of this size, and will promote contested elections.

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