Ashburton District Reserve Management Plan Consultation

Parks and reserves play an invaluable role in enhancing the quality of life for our community. From small neighbourhood parks to our large domains, these green spaces provide places for our residents to relax and play. They offer opportunities for active recreation such as sports and walking, and serve as social gathering places for whanau and community groups.

Some also hold immense ecological value, helping to preserve the district’s biodiversity, and protect our flora and fauna. They can also reduce harmful carbon pollution that is driving climate change.

When managed well, our parks and reserves provide a balance between nature, recreation, and community well-being.

Over the last year, we have been working to prepare a management plan for our parks and reserves. The draft reserve management plan covers 121 parks and reserves across the Ashburton district. The plan will help ensure parks and reserves are protected, maintained and able to be enjoyed safely by everyone.

We want to hear your thoughts on the draft plan.

Your feedback and ideas will help us finalise a combined plan for managing the Ashburton District parks and reserves for the next 10 years.

We are accepting feedback until 5 pm, Sunday 4 August 2024.

Why do we need a Reserve Management Plan?

The Ashburton District Reserve Management Plan is being prepared according to the Reserves Act 1977. A reserve management plan contains details of how a park or reserve should be managed, what activities it should cater for and what facilities will be provided. It helps ensure that the park or reserve is managed, protected, developed and maintained in a way that preserves its values, while enabling people to use and enjoy the space.

We are following the process outlined under section 41 of the Act to prepare a combined plan for 121 parks and reserves in Ashburton District that require a management plan. We currently have individual plans for seven of our reserves: Hinds Domain, Mayfield Domain, Mount Somers Domain, Methven Domain, Rakaia Domain, Tinwald Domain, and Ashburton Domain and Gardens. However, they’re now over 10 years old and due for review.The new plan will replace all existing plans.

So, what is in the Reserve Management Plan?

  • Volume 1 - General Policies

    This contains an introduction to the reserve management plan, including overarching strategic goals, purpose and objectives and general policies around recreation and use, development, and administration of all parks and reserves in the district.

  • Volume 2 - Ashburton Domain & Garden

    This volume details a management plan for Ashburton Domain and Gardens. It highlights historical, natural, cultural, recreational, and amenity values attached to this reserve and how council intends to continue with the ongoing and future management of the Ashburton Domain and Gardens.

  • Volume 3 - Reserves Managed by Reserve Boards

    This volume covers the remaining domains of the district including Methven, Tinwald, Alford Forest, Greenstreet, Highbank, Mayfield, Mount Somers, Raupana, Chertsey, Dorie, Ealing, Hinds, Pendarves, Rakaia, and Seafield. These domains are managed by Reserve Boards and are administered by Ashburton District Council. The volume covers key issues, specific policies, and development opportunities for individual domains.

  • Volume 4 - Ashburton Reserves

    This volume covers neighbourhood parks and reserves in Ashburton, Tinwald, and Lake Hood. It details the history, purpose, specific policies, and development opportunities related to individual parks or reserve in these areas.

How can I submit my feedback?

  • You can submit your feedback by clicking on Start to the survey below.
  • The survey will give you an opportunity to have your say on full draft reserve management plan as well as any individual park or reserve you may be interested in.
  • You can also use Social Map below to submit on any individual park or reserve.