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There has always been an idea for the EA Networks Centre and the surrounding land to grow into a sporting hub for the district.

Over the last few years, Council has been talking with local sport and recreation groups to form a vision of what development could look like over the next 30 years.

We now want to hear what our community thinks. Find out more about the draft Masterplan and have your say!

Why do we need a plan?

The recent utilisation study showed that some areas of the EA Networks Centre are already being used at capacity during peak times, and that the growth of some sports will be limited due to the size of current facilities. This shows there is a need for more space for both current and future generations.

While the Masterplan aims to increase capacity for areas struggling to meet current and projected demand (such as the indoor court space), we also wanted to add more active recreation and play activities within the plan to join the existing disc golf course and outdoor court space (such as a mini golf course, a hydroslide and allocated space for play within the stadium).

The plan aims to ensure staged development of the proposed projects, resulting in a future-proofed, cohesive and well utilised community asset. The plan will also prevent adhoc, unplanned development and help us to maximise the space available.

What is included in the draft plan?

For more details view the full draft Masterplan here, and the consultation document here.

Proposed stadium extension and outdoor pool

Have specific thoughts on the proposed stadium extension or outdoor pool at EANC? Give us your feedback through our Draft Long-Term Plan 2024-34!

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